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Enjoy Peace Of Mind By Protecting Your Home & Its Contents

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Comprehensive shelter guarantees for shelter, more than imagined

Property InsuranceAllianz Property Insurance

Property is one of the most important assets for our progression. With various unforeseen risks such as natural disasters, robbery, vandalism, and so on, it can result in fatal losses and make the loss of valuable assets. Allianz Bali provides a variety of property insurance products ranging from building insurance and property insurance

With a wide selection of the best products, Allianz Propety Insurance is able to provide a sense of security and comfort from the risks that can occur in properties and such as houses, villas, hotels, and resorts.


RumahKu Plus Houseowner provides protection for buildings, including walls, roofs, floors, garages, and fences for your home. Policyholders can choose the type of RumahKu Plus Houseowner Insurance only, or RumahKu Plus Householder according to the needs of the policyholder.


RumahKu Plus Householder provides protection for the contents of the building residence, including electronic equipment and furniture in your home. You can choose the type of RumahKu Plus Householder Insurance only, or RumahKu Plus Houseowner according to your needs.

Property ProtectionProduct Details

  • The type of residence that can be insured with Allianz Rumahku Plus is a residence that is not more than three floors with a class 1 building construction (concrete or steel construction). Not rented, not empty, and the road can be traversed by a fire engine.
  • War, rebellion, riot, revolution, taking power.
  • Confiscation, retrieval & damage due to order from a legitimate government.
  • Nuclear weapons, radiation & radioactive pollution.
  • Fur coats, platinum, gold, and silver, jewelery, paintings, and art objects with a value not exceeding 5% of the sum insured max. IDR 50,000,000 (whichever is smaller).

You can see the full exceptions in the Policy.

Complete the documents, get the claim.

  • Pay attention to the claim deadline stated on the policy, it could be 7, 14, or 30 days, according to the policy provisions.
  • Report to Allianz in writing (verbal and followed by a written report).
  • Send the required claim supporting documents.

Property InsuranceFAQ Questions Regarding Allianz RumahKu Plus

  • Residential houses are not more than 3 floors and do not include shop houses. Class I (concrete, steel, not including buildings with wooden construction). Flood-free housing / settlement location. Minimum premium according to the standard (minimum IDR 100,000). Covering the building (houseowner) and the contents of the house (householder).
  • 0.1295% for building and house contents.
  • FLTSEA (Fire, Linghthing, Thunderbolt, Subterranean Fire, Explosion, Faling Aircraft)
  • Riot, Strikes, Evil Deeds
  • Riot, Terrorism, Sabotage
  • Collision with vehicles or others
  • Rupture or overflow of device tanks or household plumbing
  • Theft
  • Hurricane, Cyclone, Cyclone, Hurricane
  • Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunamis
  • Floods (including overflowing sea water)
  • Property damage (Accidental Damage)
  • Morror Damage
  • Public Liabilitty (Bright body and property)
  • Accidental Death
  • Servants Property

Property InsuranceEnjoy Peace Of Mind By Protecting Your Home & Its Contents

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